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mini:licious closets: Ryan Romulus

Sep 09, 2014

mini: Where are a few of Ryan’s favorite places to play?
Tracy: She loves any outdoor park with a slide, our pool, at pre-school in the sand box, the beach, there is also a restaurant that is walking distance from our house with a giant Koi pond so she loves going there a few days a week to watch the Koi swim and inside her play room.

mini: What are some of Ryan’s favorite toys?
Tracy: She loves Thomas the Train, Buzz Lightyear, building blocks, puzzles, her wild safari themed books, bubbles, painting and coloring, bouncing ball, water table, her pretend dinner set and grocery shopping cart.

mini: What’s Ryan’s favorite song?
Tracy: She loves Wheels on The Bus, Row Row Row Your Boat, Pharrell’s Happy from Despicable Me 2, Will.I.Am’s I Like to Move it Move It from Madagascar Theme song for Mickey’s Club House and most recently Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock’s It Takes Two.

mini: What are some of Ryan’s favorite food?
Tracy: She loves Vietnamese chicken Pho, Pear, Crackers (although we try to limit them), bagels w/cream cheese, avocados asparagus corn on the cob, yogurt and birthday cake. To be honest, she has become a really difficult eater. We offer her variety of healthy options for every meal, but getting her to eat and try things new is a constant battle with every feeding.

mini: Do you have any tips for parents-to-be or new parents?
Tracy: Staying on a routine for yourself and your child is really important. We have always kept her on course with her feeding and sleeping schedules which is healthy and gives them security and also allows you to manage your time better.

mini: Anything we must know about Ryan?
Tracy: She is perfect LOL.

Photography: Yu-Ming Wu for mini:licious

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