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mini:licious closets: Caiden Alexander Ting

Oct 14, 2014

mini: When is Caiden’s birthday?
Christine: 01.14.2012 (one day after mommy’s birthday)

mini: What is the theme of Caiden’s nursery?
Christine: Caiden’s nursery is a modern Mondrian look and feel with some of our favorite items layered in. We are obsessed with clean, modern lines, and classic pieces like a Ghost Chair or a sheepskin rug, but wanted the room to still be playful and fun for him. Which is why we added in toys like a play kitchen, a chalk board and lots of big Lego boxes.

mini: How many pairs of shoes does Caiden have?
Christine: Caiden probably has over 60 pairs of sneakers/shoes. We’ve actually gotten rid of so many as his feet have been growing so quickly. We went from size 7-10 in like 3 months. He’s already wearing a 10c and he’s only 2!

mini: What is Caiden’s favorite pair of sneaker/shoe?
Christine: Our favorite sneakers for him are Jordans, anything Retro is just super cute and goes with his style.

mini: Describe Caiden’s style.
Christine: I would say Caiden’s style is basically a reflection of his parents, a bit of downtown street with classic touches. It’s a bit of the conventional mixed in with the unconventional and we love dressing him up. He probably hates us, but dressing him has been really awesome. We love mixing a leather vest, with classic harem pants or red leather jackets.

It’s crazy though, but he’s actually gotten so particular that he will not leave home in his PJs ever, will not wear PJs that don’t match, and loves looking at himself in the mirror after he’s dressed.




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