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mini:licious closets: Olivia Belle Ward

Nov 14, 2014

mini: What are a few of your favorite brands for Olivia?
Jennifer: Olivia’s closet is filled with H&M, she literally has the entire Fall and Holiday collections- they have the best clothing and it’s so affordable. But I like to mix and match and she dresses high and low. Some other favorite brands are Stella McCartney, Oeuf, Mini Rodini, Le Vie Jetsetter, Nununu, Chloe, Freshly Picked, and Minnetonka. I also buy a lot on Etsy- they have amazing stuff you can’t find from a retailer. We are also very into music, so she has a lot of rock T-shirts (David Bowie, Led Zeppelin, The Smiths etc) from the streets of Soho.

mini: Where are a few of your favorite places to shop online for Olivia?
Jennifer:,,, and

mini: Where are a few of Olivia’s favorite places to play?
Jennifer: Gymboree, Battery Park and anywhere that has a swing set!

mini: What are some of Olivia’s favorite toys?
Jennifer: She loves books, she likes to pretend to read them and rip out the pages. She is also obsessed with her mini kitchen set and her mini Mercedes.

mini: What’s Olivia’s favorite song?
Jennifer: “Hot in Here” by Nelly. I sing it to her as we get dressed and undressed. Peppa Pig theme song also brings an immediate smile to her face.

mini: What are some of Olivia’s favorite food?
Jennifer: Mac and cheese, edamame, chicken fingers, bananas and peas.

mini: Do you have any tips for parents-to-be or new parents?
Jennifer: Few tips- try to find a balance and it’s ok to say no to plans, in the beginning it’s so easy to feel like you’re not a good friend, wife, employee etc. You are pulled in so many directions but in time you will find that balance, it does get easier! Also surround yourself with a strong support system and have a lot of shows on your DVR for those sleepless nights!



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